Parenting Course

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"Your course has really opened my eyes to some better parenting techniques. I thought I had it all figured out, but I didn’t. Thanks for putting this together in a way that makes sense and is easy to use."


"I have been using the communication tools at work as well as at home. This information is very solid."



Timothy Miller, How to Want What You Have; Discovering the

Magic and Grandeur of Ordinary Existence theme consists of

Three Principles and 10 moral suggestions.


Principles: Compassion, Attention, Gratitude


Moral Suggestions:

1. Do not hate. Do not speak ill of others unless Compassion for others requires

it. Do not disparage or harass others merely because they fail to live according

to the Principles of Compassion, Attention, and Gratitude.


2. Do not behave violently without proper justification, discourage others

from doing so and try to avoid benefiting indirectly from the violent behavior of

others. Violence is morally acceptable only under certain limited conditions: to

protect yourself or other people from violence or to defend or restore fundamental

human rights for yourself or others. Neither vengeance, punishment, nor

economic oppression justify violence.


3. Do not steal from others, economically exploit them, or politically oppress

them; and discourage others from doing so. Try to avoid benefiting indirectly

from the economic exploitation or political oppression of others.


4. Conceive and bear children responsibly. Consider your ability to provide

for their practical and emotional needs. Consider the effect their existence will

have on the planet and the lives of other people.


5. As well as you are able, live without doing harm to the world and the people,

its other life-forms and habitats, and its beauties. Avoid depleting or damaging

the world's limited resources; avoid using or selfishly keeping for yourself an

extravagantly disproportionate share of them.


6. Do not behave cruelly toward animals; discourage others from doing so.


7. Do not lie or conceal the truth. "White lies: are acceptable only when they

benefit the recipient more than the teller.


8. Obey the laws of your society as long as you do not violate the principles

Of Compassion, Attention, or Gratitude. If it is necessary to violate immoral

laws or oppose unfair or foolish laws, do so in such a way as to promote

correction of the wrong, without personal benefit. Honor the people who

honestly attempt to make and administer fair and reasonable laws, even

if you disagree with them.


9. Do not engage in sexual behavior that will cause yourself or others

needless harm or suffering.


10. Do not use intoxicating or addicting substances in such a way that you

damage your health or impair your capacity to keep these Ten Suggestions

or to live according to the principles of Compassion, Attention, and Gratitude